You're now wearing the hat of practitioner and business owner --

and there's a lot at stake.

You aren't alone.

"Help!  My practice is growing, but I'm

completely burned out!"

Too many practitioners stay stuck in chaos or close their doors because they are unable or unwilling to keep their business going.

You've got the clients coming in, a booked schedule, some basic systems in place and things are moving fast.

Congrats -- you're officially a helping professional with a thriving practice. WOOO HOOOO!!!

You wonder if the quality of care you provide is deteriorating because you are stretched too thin.

You have late bills and overdue invoices, and can't keep track of all your paperwork.

You sacrifice your own self-care and skip out on doctor's appointments, exercise and personal errands.

You are losing visibility in the professional community, because you don't have the time (or energy) to attend events or contribute.

burned out?

But if you're sacrificing your sanity, working long days and weekends, you may be starting to wonder, "How long can I keep going at this pace?"

This is the challenge of the successful helping professional.

The good news is, there is a way to create a positive work environment for yourself, and those you serve.

One that allows  you to take time off from the office, and plan for the future growth of your practice.

A way to work sanely, while making a remarkable impact on your profession, and the world.

But it requires a fresh perspective 

on how to run your business.

I've had my ears to the ground for a while now...and here are the most 

common challenges I hear from helping professionals like you:

"I can't focus on the future because I'm drowning in the day-today."


"Just looking at my weekly calendar makes me feel exhausted."

If you are overbooked and running on empty, you need systems to take 

control of your time and to-dos and the savvy to prioritize in an efficient way.


"I need to hire help, maybe even interns, but don't know where to start."

"I have a team, but I hate managing them! It's easier to do things myself."

What you need are proper guidelines and tips so you know how to hire the right people, and leadership skills training to help you get a happier, more productive team.

"I thought I'd enjoy running a practice, but it's too much work.  What's next?"

If you've lost your passion, you may be tired of juggling too many hats, or truly ready for a new direction in your helping mission.  It's time to explore!

I'm Katie Vernoy, a licensed therapist, coach and consultant.  As a helping professional for nearly two decades, I've navigated the ups and downs of our unique line of work.

I've run my own solo therapy practice, designed innovative clinical programs, built and managed large, thriving teams of service providers, and coached hundreds of helping professionals on how to build meaningful AND sustainable practices.

If you know it's time to break through to the next level in your career, I can help.

As a helping professional, you already know how TRANSFORMATIVE it can be to collaborate with another mind to uncover gaps, and get fresh solutions to your problems.

Have you thought about what could open up for YOU if you sought real answers to your pressing questions from an experienced business consultant who is a fellow helper, like you?

I'm inviting you in for a personalized

It's your chance to receive a clear action plan to move your practice forward, so you can get back to loving your career, and your life again

This is you and me, working together to solve your pressing challenges, so you can finally get unstuck and find a new level of satisfaction and joy in your career.

Here are just some of the areas of your practice I can help you with:

  • Prioritizing your to-do list, so you get the important items done
  • Creating systems to focus your time and increase your productivity
  • Team Building - who to add to your team and how to hire the right people
  • Managing a team for high productivity
  • Strengthening your leadership and management skills, becoming the best leader, manager, supervisor you can
  • Learning how to delegate (and keep things delegated!)
  • Building a career that supports both personal and professional goals

I am passionate about helping you discover a better way to make a difference, one that is sustainable, strategic, and best of all frees you up to enjoy your work (and your days off, too!).


"Provided much-needed strategic thinking"

"I recently hired Katie to assist me in planning my staffing needs and clarifying roles of my team members to help us move into our next phase of growth.

"Katie provided some much-needed strategic thinking to help move me out of the day-to-day operations.  This created a real shift in how I see things moving forward.  During all of our meetings and phone calls, Katie was always on point, responsive, a great listener and also knew when to take control to move me towards my stated goals and needs.

"She also found ways to increase support and infrastructure without increasing costs by clarifying team member roles.  I was extremely pleased with Ms. Vernoy's professionalsm, knowledge and thoroughness at every step of the way.  I appreciate Katie's clarity, as I look to replace my current duties and move on to new heights."

- Douglas Evans, Executive Director, Center for Health Sex

Here's what you'll get when we work together:

An Initial 360-Degree Assessment - You'll reconnect with the big-picture vision of yourself as a helping professional -- your goals, your motivations, your passions.  Then we'll take inventory of your practice -- what's working, what isn't, what are your goals for the future?

Business Breakthrough 90-Minute Deep Dive - We'll dig into the details and explore those areas that need attention -- whether it's time management, burnout, team challenges, or planning your next strategic move.

Growth Goals & Action Roadmap - You'll receive a custom action plan tailored for your business that outlines your next steps, plus my recommended strategies and tools to help you get spectacular results.

You'll get a personalized business strategy action plan to guide you to your next level of growth -- for a fraction of the cost of most business trainings.

It's just a $497 investment, and the results you'll experience - whether it's a smoother-running team, or improved cash flow, will bay you back emotionally, professionally and financially.

Book your Strategic Business Breakthrough for just $497.


"The Rewards are Big!"

"In just a few short meetings with myself and my office manager, I have gained huge insights in how to better communicate with him.  His productivity and sales are up 200% because now I know what he needs to succeed.  I strongly recommend any small 'entrepreneur' led company to work with Katie...The rewards are big!".

- Gary Reeves, CEO, Sunset Flying


"Can pinpoint topics with sensitivity and purpose!"

"Katie is energetic, motivating and creative, and at the same time, she's patient, grounded and logical.  Katie has been able to engage with my creative exploration process, and has exceptional skill in being able to pinpoint topics with sensitivity and purpose which has helped me feel centered in defining my professional practice."

- Jill Ruby-Wahba,

Let's see what breakthroughs we can create for your practice -- and your career.  Let me show you specific tools, strategies, and systems to reduce overwhelm, free your time and mental energy, so you can do your best work!


"Worth every penny!"

"With Katie's help, I was able to hire two highly qualified individuals!  With the additional team members, AKA is able to service about 40 more children for therapy.  I would say that Katie's work was efficient and spot on; worth every penny!"

- Albert Knapp, PsyD,

"Katie Vernoy continues to be a pleasant surprise to me in the business coaching world"

"For the past two years, I have been the sole employee, CEO, sales, marketing, etc for my company and as I continued to grow and hire on more help it was difficult for me to transition out of the micro-managing mindset and into an ownership and delegation position.

Katie has custom-tailored her expertise and guidance to work with me on organizing, establishing and attaining our growth goals.  She not only provides input, but solid, tangible systems that are applicable to any size business.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for business consulting services."

- Samantha Bossu, founder & President, Decora